AD ist positioned to plan, design, manufacture and install Studio Rooms either in a single or double wall configuration, complete with a structurally isolated acoustic floor – if desired – and an acoustic ceiling. Based on your requirements including design criteria, we can meet your specific needs with regard to structure borne, air borne, ventilation-noise and reverberation time.

If your project requires Recording Rooms, Music Practice / Exercise Rooms, Speaker-Rooms or sound mixing Rooms AD can develop such rooms. Subsequently, AD then can compile a specification for you, prepare all design and manufacturing drawings, fabricate and install these rooms either as a single unit formation or as a combination supply chain project. AD offers its customers standard solutions as well as it meets special requirements with its acoustic products.

Customer requirements such as decorative finishes i.e. acoustic curtains, carpeted floor finishes extra lighting or other electric features, microphone and loudspeaker hangers etc. – all this can be agreed, supplied and mounted.