Acoustic Walls in the shape of a louvre bank

AD supplies and develops acoustic louvers in different thicknesses (depths) i.e. 100m, 150mm, 300mm, 600mm or different specifications.
Our louvers can be applied for enclosing noisy A/C plants or systems located on top of buildings or else and may form a part enclosure with or without a roof. They can be used for closing up wall openings still requiring air movements from one to the other side and so on.
The application of our louvres are manifold and offer the user (client/architect) a product which lends itself for an effective shielding–off of noisy areas and providing the environment with a possibility to maintain a pleasing look. The lovers are most of a standard design, and if used as an enclosure where air flow is required, offer a low pressure drop (in or out direction) but can be supplied in standard galvanized -, stainless steel – , powder painted materials with or without bird mesh and other features, if required. Based on the available standard designs, the louvers can provide a standard solution to solving an almost standard noise problem as is prevalent to ventilation, A/C noise or similar. For extra noisy solutions, the louvers can be fitted back-to-back. As an additional advantage the application of a louvre bank, wall or enclosure ensures that there will be no direct line of sight, neither from out-to-in nor vice versa.
Furthermore, we can supply splitter silencers and acoustic splitters for the inclusion in duct work in A/C and ventilation plants, venting systems, chimneys and other exhaust systems. Here too, special applications and requirements can be served upon request. If necessary, we are able to supply all relevant acoustic performance data for our products and will be pleased receiving your valued enquiry.