Reflexion-Free Rooms / Free-Field Rooms

AD Akustik Deutschland GmbH can deliver Free-Field Rooms (fully and/or semi) and our engineers experience possess all necessary Know-how and experience for designing such high-tech Rooms in the field of human research, medical examinations, product development, component or system testing i.e. for vehicle testing, or for developing new and quieter machines or components. The size of such Rooms is, of course, dependent on the size of the test object and the design parameters (specification) as well as the lower cut-off frequency the room has to be designed too. The adherence to local (i.e. DIN-Normen) or international standards (i.e. ISO-Standards or others), will be considered and guaranteed.
This performance may include proving the service of writing a full technical specification exactly to customers and other relevant standards an requirements. Based on these conditions, we are in a position to carry out the conceptional design, the planning, manufacturing and installation as well as the Acoustic Acceptance Test (Guarantee) either conducted by AD or by an independent Acoustic Consultant or Instritute, including the provision of all documentation.

The design of such rooms can be facilitated by a number absorber systems i.e. wedge-type absorbers ranging from foam to mineral / glass wool and wedges protected with perforated sheet metal plus or other designs: AD can also offer such rooms equipped with so called “Flat absorbers” fitted to the walls and ceilings. Each of the mentioned absorber systems will offer the client / user of such rooms certain advantages or disadvantages.
We are too pleased to extend our Consultancy Services on all above products and systems!