Hearing testing Cabins

AD designs and manufactures high-quality Acoustic-Rooms, Chambers and Cabins for manifold acoustic performances, with standard features and special individual requirements. Adherence to the ISO-Standard 8253 or other stipulations can be met and guaranteed. Hereby, it is important to evaluate the noise prevailing in the immediate vicinity of the location of the Room, Chamber or Cabin, so as to make judgement as to whether a single or double walled configuration may be required.

AD is in the position to evaluate all this and will be able to propose a meaningful concept and design procedure.

AD will ensure that any special design feature and requirement will be considered an included in the design. The construction of such a Room will be facilitated by means of a so-called building block system, ensuring the correct configuration, a respectable and high acoustic performance and considering other and user-dependent special features as may be required. This procedure ensures for an installation without problems and generally offers a cost effective solution. Furthermore, our Acoustic Rooms, Chambers and Cabins offer a high-tech and innovative product together with an aesthetically pleasing appearance which a normally easily be integrated into a doctors practice, clinical building, research institute or else.

All our Rooms, Chambers and Cabins can easily be equipped which extra features such as extra windows and/or doors, RF/electromagnetic shielding, internal and external decoration, lighting, connection to an existing A/C Ventilation System, special electric connections inside or externally of the room, speed control for the build-in-silenced ventilation system, suspended extra ceiling fitted to the internal roof and many other extra requirements.

As such we can supply:

  • Acoustic Chambers and Cabins for general ENT-Examinations
  • Children Audiometry
  • Grown-up Audiometry
  • Acoustic Rooms for Directional Hearing and other examinations
  • Free-Filed Chambers
  • ERA/BERA and Brain Stem Audiometry
  • Speech and Sleep- Audiometry
  • Hearing-Aid Fitting-Rooms
  • Acoustic Rooms, i.e. for Neuro-Science, Psychology and other human or animal research

We are prepared to issue potential clients and / or users with Measuring-, testing and Data-reports, Certificates and References etc. covering the above equipment.

We will be very pleased working with you on one or more of the above requirements and appreciate receiving your valued enquiry.