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  • For a quiet Environment…..!

    We are prepared to help solving most noise problems….by applying our customized
    noise control and noise protecting acoustic products designed for the use in industrial plants,
    the medical field, building services, schools and education, research and development and other areas.

Used IAC-Acoustic Cabins Class B merchandise

MINI, MAXI, 400-A Model…..Currently we are offering a number of used IAC Cabins and Rooms – superior quality products at low prices! kontakt@akustik-deutschland.de

Moving House? Re-location?

We are offering the dismantling and reassembly of existing Acoustic Cabins & Rooms and Anechoic Chambers, RF/electromagnetically shielded rooms, of all common brands (IAC, Faist, Acoustair and so on). Moreover we undertake noise calculation and control- and safety-measurement of all sorts.

Akustik Deutschland GmbH

We are an innovative company which breaks new grounds, in the fields of Noise control and Acoustics.


Our extensive experiences are based on more than 20 years of work and activity in the fields of Noise control and Acoustics
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Good examples are...

the planning, manufacture, supply and installation of Acoustic Cabins & Rooms and Anechoic Chambers, RF/electromagnetically shielded rooms, Studios, music practice rooms.
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TÜV approved

We have developed an efficient and visually appealing manufacturing concept which is certified by TÜV (testing authorities).
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Our Service


We are used to service and assist our customers during an early project stage and are always prepared to assume the responsibility of planning including order execution on all our products and projects. On subjects where individual and special experiences or know-how is required, i.e. independent acoustic testing and measurements, we cooperate with competent partners such as accredited acoustic consultants, testing authorities or institutions.


Preliminary Analysis


Planning status


Technical design




We would be pleased to assist you. Please get in contact with us.

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