Acoustic Enclosures

We offer our clients a multiple choice of solutions for supplying special Enclosures, APR’s for noisy industrial environments. This applies to the planning and design stage. This, on one hand relates to the planning and design stage and ensures i.e. to reduce the generated noise caused by machines and plant noise by providing an absorptive cladding system to reduce the noise “at source” to a level which ensures that no excessive noise emanates from the noisy machinery. As an alternative and by applying our products, so-called “quet areas” can be created, so as to avoid employees being subjected or exposed to those high and excessive noise levels.

AD Akustik Deutschland GmbH can offer the right solution including any required (silenced) ventilation or A/C system plus the possibly required building related requirements. This, for example, we can offer for industrial Shaker Rooms, Roller-Testing Stands, Engine Testing or Gear Box Testing Enclosure and the like. Other special features as fire protection, explosion proof wall and ceiling construction can be supplied.