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About us

We are used to service and assist our customers during an early project stage and are always prepared to assume the responsibility of planning including order execution on all our products and projects. On subjects where individual and special experiences or know-how is required, i.e. independent acoustic testing and measurements, we cooperate with competent partners such as accredited acoustic consultants, testing authorities or institutions. Our Products can, upon request, be delivered and documented with test certificates or test reports.

We offer products for a large variety of applications, systems and requirements ranging from industrial, traffic, educational, building services, research and development, medicine usage.
For all those applications, we can offer specific experience as exemplified by the design of high-performance acoustical products but also for the design and manufacture of RF/electromagnetically shielded rooms, chambers and cabins etc.
Through our flexible and experienced staff, our Customers will receive the best consultation concerning our product and systems including its applications and performance.

For a quiet Environment…..!

We are prepared to help solving most noise problems….by applying our customized noise control and noise protecting acoustic products designed for the use in industrial plants, the medical field, building services, schools and education, research and development and other areas.

  • Design, Project Planning, Assembly, Acceptance Test

    Moreover and if equested by the customer we also carry out surveys of the present environmental situation through noise calculation and measurement as well as dismantling and reassembly of existing Acoustic Rooms, Cabins, Installations and Testing facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us: kontakt@akustik-deutschland.de

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Our Products:

  • Product testing and Development Rooms such as Anechoic Chambers, Flat Absorber Rooms etc.
  • Silencers for HVAC-Systems, pressure designed applications such as Vent Silencers / Blow Down Silencers etc.
  • Acoustic Louvres and Louvre Wall Systems for HVAC and other applications
  • Animal Research Cabins
  • Radio, TV and Video Studios, Acoustic Recording and Speaker Rooms, Music Practice Rooms, Interview Rooms and Conference Suites, Acoustic Doors and Windows
  • Specially designed Rooms, Chambers and Cabins for Psychology and Neuro-Science Purposes incl. other applications

Our Services:

  • Noise Analysis of existing status
  • Consultation Service
  • Planning Activities
  • Manufacture and Quality Control
  • Erection & Installation
  • Handover and Documentation

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